The Project

Stanhope rooftop project

As a busy family with two kids, Mr and Mrs De Leon rarely have the time to sit down together to consider why their electricity bills are increasing. Finding a way to reduce their outgoings was therefore difficult.

With their neighbours recommending an investment in solar energy, Mr De Leon did his research and contacted Energus.

The solution

With the amount of information available out there, it can be difficult to find a company to trust. With an engineering approach and Energus’ level of experience, the team at Energus helped Mr De Leon navigate around the switch to solar energy and a 3.12 kW system was recommended.

The 3.12 kW solar system helped the family save over $500 per annum through the power of the sun with an energy generation of over 4,600 kWh!


  • Reduce electricity bill by up to ~40%
  • Estimated TAX FREE financial return: ~$511/Year
  • Effective solar cost in 20 years: $0.084/kWh
  • Simple Return on Investment (ROI): 14.9%
  • Proposed annual energy generation: ~4,625 kWh

3.12 kw Solar System


Stanhope, NSW

Date Completed

June 2015

System Capacity


Solar Panel

260W X 12



Energy Generation (approx.)

4,625kWh per annum

Estimated Return TAX FREE

$511 per annum

Very professional bunch of people! Great advice on how to maximize the benefits of solar. Will definitely recommend to family and friends!