The Project

Hinchinbrook Rooftop

Family is everything for Mr and Mrs Anand. They love to have their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren stay over with them so they can spend some quality family time together. With 4 adults and 2 children under the same roof and electrical appliances such as the heater and air conditioner running, it isn’t a surprise the family’s electricity bills were rising at an alarming rate.

“We were not surprised with the increasing electricity bills. But, just like many others, we were consistently searching for a solution.”- Mr Anand

The Business Case

  • Reduce electricity bill by ~40%
  • Estimated TAX FREE financial return: ~$920/Year
  • Effective solar cost in 20 years: $0.093/kWh
  • Simple Return on Investment (ROI): 27.6%
  • Proposed annual energy generation: ~4,096 kWh

Why Energus?

To fight the upward trend of energy prices, Mr Anand found Energus through his friends’ recommendation. The engineers at Energus analysed Mr Anand’s electricity bills and studied the property’s roof conditions. With an engineering approach, Energus worked out a suitably-fitting solar system for Mr Anand. A 3.12 kW system was recommended upon conversation with the family and their daily energy usage patterns. The system was split on the Northern and Western roof, generating over 4,000 kWh per annum. The system can help the family save over $900 per annum.

3.12kw Residential Solar System


Hinchinbrook, NSW

Date Completed

May, 2015

System Capacity

3.12 KWp

Solar Panel

260W x 12



Energy Saving (approx)

4,096 kWh per annum

Estimated Return

$920 per annum

We are here to create opportunities for everyone to enjoy cheaper and more environmentally - friendly energy solution.