eArche is evolving the way we harness solar energy.

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We’re not imagining the possibilities of solar, we’re creating them.
The team at Energus have been hard at work rethinking solar energy.

Let us make solar energy simple for you and your business.

We get that there is mass confusion at the moment within the solar energy marketplace and that is why we want to make it as simple as possible. Simply explaining the benefits of solar for your business and making sure that it is a good fit. Contact Energus for a free solar audit for your business today.

Why eArche is the next big thing in solar.

A unique, patented material that produces a superior lightweight and flexible panel which can be applied to any surface. All without compromising performance or long term durability.

Innovate your industry.

eArche can be customised to meet your industries unique requirements.
Be that business that is forging the way forward with an innovative technology. Imagine the potential.

Going solar won’t impact your cash flow.

Install a solar system with no impact to your cash flow. With savings on electricity in most cases covering the financed cost of your system, making it a cash flow neutral investment.


eArche panels weigh 75% less than conventional solar panels, eliminating any installation restrictions due to weight.


eArche can be customised to any size, are semi flexible and can be made semi-transparent.


eArche has superior features over conventional solar panels without any reduction in performance.


eArche pass all the same international durability tests that conventional solar panel must. eArche comes with a 10 year product warranty and 25 years change to leading warranty.


The next generation Solar Technology is now exclusively available to businesses.

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eArche Solar Panels have been approved by the Clean Energy Council.