CarbonTRACK gives you the power to control your solar.

CarbonTRACK is a micro-computer that makes your solar system smart. CarbonTRACK is installed next to your switchboard and is connected to CarbonTRACK servers via an internal SIM card. This allows you to analyse solar electricity generated, and electricity consumed from the grid in real time. You can adjust your electricity usage to maximise self-consumption of your solar generation, significantly improving your return on investment.

ABB Wi-Fi Card and Aurora Vision

Aurora Vision lets system owners receive real time information of how much energy has been generated.

Aurora Vision is a cloud-cloud based platform, accessed through your desk top or smart phone, which provides highly interactive, real-time access to your systems performance.

Coupled with Energus unique solar calculator allows Energus to monitor Expected Vs Actual performance. Enabling Energus to offer our Performance guarantee, the only company in Australia who offers this service.

ZeverSolar Wi-Fi card and ZeverCom

ZeverCom is a cost effective monitoring and control solution designed for the residential home owner. The ZeverCloud online portal allows system owners to view real time system performance with regular performance reports sent to the home owner’s email address.