JA Solar Modules

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Shanghai.The company was listed on NASDAQ in 2007 and has firmly established itself as a leading global manufacturer of high-performance solar modules. JA Solar supplies Tier-1 utility-grade modules that strike the balance between price, performance and reliability.

JA Solar Key Features:

  • JA supplied modules to one of Australia’s largest utility projects in Moree, 56 MW.
  • Top 4 solar panel supplier in 2015, supplying over 4 GW of solar panels
  • Employs over 12,000 employees in 5 countries
  • Third party certified – TUV for Long Term Reliability
  • Tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 240km/h and hailstorms
  • Harsh Environment & Weather approved CQC