Why Solar?

Solar from Energus will save you money from day 1.

At Energus we know that no two houses are the same and that’s why we approach every house with a different solar solution. By using our unique solar calculator and satellite software we can access data specific to your roof to estimate how much solar energy your roof can produce and what that means in savings for you.

With a team of specialist engineers selecting the best performing products we are able to offer all our customers a performance guarantee. Providing you with real time electricity monitoring, so you know exactly how much you’re using and how to capitalise on the solar energy.

Enjoy more freedom with all the financial benefits.

With energy prices constantly rising, solar energy offers an affordable, guilt free way forward. Spend winters warming the house and summers keeping cool without panicking about how much it’s going to cost you.

What you can look forward to;

  1. Reduce your monthly power bill by energy generated by the sun.
  2. Protect your hip pocket from rising electricity prices.
  3. Be in control of your power usage and bills through real time monitoring.
  4. Systems can be cash flow neutral, with savings from your system offsetting the financed cost.

About Energus

How Energus Solar Works


Energus is a world leading innovator in solar energy.

Using engineering, science and data we will design and deliver a customised solar solution for your home or business.

Conventional, or incorporating our revolutionary lightweight eArche panels, the only lightweight panels approved by the CEC.


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