On September 19th, Dr. Shi Zhengrong won the honor of “Energy Merits and Life Achievements” at the “3rd (2019) China Energy Industry Development Annual Conference and the First Energy Culture Festival”.

In 2019, the people of all nationalities in the country celebrated the glory year of “the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.” The energy industry presented a grand birthday gift to the great motherland. The People’s Daily, China Energy News, carried out the development of the energy industry for 70 years.

Combing and summarize and select a group of typical people who have made great contributions to the development of the industry in the development process of the energy industry from scratch, from weak to strong, and the benchmark role that emerged in the struggle of the new era, aiming to further “Promote the spirit of the model, feel the power of example, and condense the momentum of development.”

Dr. Shi Zhengrong stood out from more than 300 candidates and was shortlisted as “70 energy workers” and as the sole representative of the photovoltaic industry, with Mr. Zhang Guobao, former director of the National Energy Administration, Mr. Fu Chengyu, former chairman of Sinopec Group, and the former State Grid Corporation. Mr. Liu Zhenya, the chairman of the board, and others, jointly won the honor of “Lifetime Achievements”.

As the founder of Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd., Dr. Shi Zhengrong successfully transformed the international advanced photovoltaic technology from the laboratory to large-scale production, reducing the cost of photovoltaic power generation by orders of magnitude and achieving parity online access.

He led the innovation of photovoltaic technology and actively cultivated China. The construction of the photovoltaic industry chain has driven the collective rise of China’s photovoltaic industry and created a new era of photovoltaics.

Since the establishment of Wuxi Suntech in 2001, China’s photovoltaic industry has begun to leap forward by leaps and bounds. In the first 10 years, it has gained an absolute leading position in the global photovoltaic industry and has become an unprecedented miracle in the history of China’s industry.

In the second 20 years, photovoltaic power generation achieved user-side parity online and gradually separated from subsidies. In the next 10 years, Dr. Shi Zhengrong believes that the photovoltaic industry will continue to develop healthily, and will gradually develop in the field of high-end photovoltaic building integration applications and mobile photovoltaic power applications, and combine with fuel cell technology to improve energy density and lithium battery energy storage.

Combine the formation of virtual grids, reduce intermittentness through cross-regional networking, jointly promote the transformation of traditional fossil energy to clean energy, and ultimately achieve global energy interconnection.