Lightweight Solar Pioneer Sunman Energy secures Series B Funding

Sunman Energy is proud to announce the completion of a $12 million USD series B funding to accelerate the deployment of its innovative solar panel – eArc. CEFC (Clean Energy Finance Corporation) leads the investment with a $7 million USD capital injection. Other participating investors include SoftBank China Venture Capital, Southern Cross Venture Partners and company founder Dr. Zhengrong Shi.

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Sunman’s first-to-market technology will expand the existing solar market by targeting commercial and industrial roofs that are not structurally sound to accommodate glass panels. As CEFC CEO Ian Learmoth quoted, “the lighter weight of the panels also means solar can be extended across existing rooftops on factories, warehouses, garages and other structures that are not strong enough to support heavier glass panels.”


In the long run, Sunman sees eArc as a core enabling technology that will expand the applications of solar, transforming building materials, transportation and robotics. Founder Dr. Shi classifies this new wave of applications under the term “PV Plus”.