SunMan announces launch of eArche in Australian market

Dr Zhengrong Shi, the founder of Energus just released a revolutionary solar and building product into the Australian market on the 23rd of March 2017.

Dr Shi, the co-inventor of this technology founded, SunMan, to manufacture a new wave of solar products that enable the seamless integration of solar into our society.

eArche: Integrating Solar Into Our Life

Solar deployment continues to accelerate worldwide, due to improving efficiencies and reduction in costs. In fact the cost of electricity generated from solar is already competitive with that from fossil fuel based generation in many parts of the world. Dr Shi said “ With solar cost competitive, our next generation of panel has targeted integration and design. Solar no longer needs to be perceived to be an add-on.”

“eArche fundamentally changes the way solar is deployed and enables solar to be integrated seamlessly into our life.”

Through eArche’s innovations; light weight, thin, flexibility, aesthetics, high performance and competitive cost, solar can be applied wherever you want. eArche’s innovation in architecture, will transform buildings, incorporating stunning features with the capacity of producing renewable energy.

SunMan has successfully developed its innovative “eArche” solution to enable solar to be integrated as a building material, improving design options and avoiding the retrofitting of solar. SunMan turns our buildings into renewable energy plants and dramatically reduces the deployment cost of solar.

Starting from the design concept, eArche enables solar to be embedded into our life.

eArche will transform our society to better harness the free and endless source of solar energy.