The Project


Patricks on Bellevue is a family owned Greengrocer located in Bellevue Hill. Patricks visit Sydney fresh food markets daily to ensure their customers enjoy the freshest fruit, veggies, gourmet and deli meats.

Established back in 2000, Patricks have seen their electricity cost increase by over 70% during this time. The increasing cost of running many refrigeration units to ensure their produce is kept fresh, was hurting their bottom line.

“Year after year we have seen our electricity bill go up. As a business we needed to explore ways of capping this cost.” Sam Screnci – Patricks


Energus took Patricks on a journey to show how solar can help their spiralling costs, by providing them with a comprehensive analysis of their bill data and offering a compelling business case.

“Energus understands that an investment in solar is one of many investment opportunities that could provide a return for Patricks” Thomas Bell – Sales Director

Commercial solar systems from Energus are engineered for performance whilst striking the right balance between price and reliability. Our engineering team ensures each system is optimised to meet the specific business needs to help deliver a healthy ROI.


Patricks is currently buying their electricity at $0.24/kWh, by going solar Patricks can effectively make their own day time electricity at $0.11/ kWh. This is a saving of over 45%.

This system will save Patricks over $6,000 per annum on electricity, delivering an ROI of over 23%.

Installing a solar system not only presented a strong business case for Patricks, it demonstrated the Greengrocer’s forward thinking mentality. With this point of difference, many advertising opportunities could be leveraged by Patricks, for example, the system will reduce Patricks’ C02 emissions by 19.84 tonnes per annum, equivalent to 69,000 km of car travel, drastically reducing the impact of CO2 emissions in delivering fresh produce from the paddock to the plate.

10.92 kWp Solar System


Bellevue, NSW

System Capacity


Solar Panel




Energy Saved

23,000 kWh per annum

Business Case

Solar Generated @ $0.11/kWh

We knew solar could help our business, the difficulty was finding a company that could simply show us how and gave us the confidence that they could deliver.