Solar Energy for Australian Business

We empower Australian business by substantially reducing their energy bills & improving their sustainability.

Find out how much we can save you by switching to solar energy. 

Save Big On Electricity Bills & Access More Savings

Reduce Carbon Emissions & Become More Sustainable

10 Year Installation Warranty & 25 Year Performance Warranty

Solar Finance To Help Get You Started

Our customers save big on their electricity bills and reap the benefits of reduced operating costs for their business. Access more savings, improve profit margins & invest savings elsewhere.

Receive a Solar Energy Certified badge to enrich your brands relationship with your customers, who will love your sustainability efforts. Lower your carbon emissions and show off. Achieve net zero, improve your ESG.

All of our Solar Systems come with a 10 Year Installation warranty and 25 Year Performance Warranty. Be rest assured of uninterrupted savings and solar energy for your business.

Cover the cost of your solar system & installation with solar finance options. Solar Finance repayments are often covered by the savings from reduced electricity bill's, with further savings still beyond that.

See how The Australian National Maritime Museum is saving over $55,000 per year!

By Installing eArc Solar Skin technology, the ANMM has reduced its environmental impact and operating costs.

The ANMM is saving $55,000 per year with their Energus installed "eArc Solar Skin" solar system.

The roof of the ANMM building is too light to support conventional glass panels. Energus' project management using eArc Solar Skin technology enabled ANMM to install a 235kW system, saving 267,190 kWh of energy from the grid per annum & reducing carbon emissions by 233 tonnes each year.

We've helped local, state & national businesses

We've helped over 1000 businesses across 250+ industries benefit from solar energy, and so can you!

1000+ customers using solar energy

Reducing carbon emissions by 255,428,460 tonnes per year!

$19,029,420 being saved each year

Across 250+ industries


Energus are the only solar installer in Australia with a combined 70 years of international experience from multiple countries across the globe.

Our team have manufactured a first-of-its-kind, world leading innovative solar "skin" used by solar installers in countries like The United Arab Emirates, Norway, Singapore, Australia, Germany, China, Japan & more.

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How It Works

Book A Discovery Session


Learn how solar can boost your business. In this session we will explore solar energy for your business & learn your specific requirements. We will gather any information we need to formalise a quote. 

Get A Quote


Through cross-analysis with different solar technology, our team will tailor-build a solar installation quote for your business. Our solar advisors will likely visit your premises to understand any installation needs.

Begin Installation


Our dedicated team of project managers and engineers will manage the installation of your solar system to ensure it adheres to budget & timeframe with no variations, and to Australian safety compliance. 

Your New Solar System


Once your business has solar energy installed and is actively receiving energy from the sun, we will train you on how to monitor and use your new solar system, including how to track performance and savings. 

Available 7 Days A Week

Our dedicated customer success team regularly monitor the performance of your solar system and are available 7 days per week. Energus can carry out any servicing and maintenance of your new solar system.

See How Wandiyali Community Centre Are Using Solar To Assist Kids With Their School Work

Wandiyali are saving $21,000 per year & redistributing that money into programs that benefit the Aboriginal community. 

"the decision to make the switch was a no-brainer once the centre realised how much money could be saved. We can do a lot with this including little things such as buying i-Pads for kids to assist them with their school work."

Can I Finance It?Yes, you can!

Solar energy savings typically cover the cost of finance with further savings still.

Our customers on average pay off their solar system within 2.5 years and are  cash flow positive throughout the process.
With solar finance, savings from solar energy typically covers the cost of the finance, with further savings in your pocket still beyond that. It's a no-brainer!

Discover the range of solar finance options available to your business now.

Our Solar

Our solar systems come with a 10 Year Installation Warranty and 25 Year Performance Warranty. Energus are "technology agnostic". This means we select the right solar system for your business that strikes the balance between price, performance and reliability. Rest assured your business will have the optimal bespoke solar system.

10 Year Installation Warranty & 25 Year Performance Warranty

The Lightweight Roof Solution

The Australian National Maritime Museum

235kW eArc Solar Skin

eArc Solar Skin is the first solar panel of its kind, able to be applied to slender industrial roofs. Where previously glass panels are too heavy or require too much structural uplift for slender industrial roofs, these roofs are now able to house solar panels: eArc Solar Skin. 

eArc solar skin reduces installation cost by up to 30%

With zero mounting support required, the solar skin glues straight onto your roof.

It produces the same amount of energy as glass panels

eArc has passed the same durability tests as conventional glass modules

"I think this is a world first."

John Grimes - CEO of The Australian Solar Council

 Weighs only 3.3kg/m2 as opposed to 15kg/m2 with conventional glass panels.

Off-Grid Applications

Byron Bay Solar Train

eArc Solar Skins can be applied to various off-grid scenarios like transportation vehicles.

6.4kW eArc Solar Skin

Team of Project Managers and Engineers


On Time

Energus are one of the few solar installers to have an internal team of project managers and engineers. Our team help to deliver your project on time, on budget, safely and with no variations to the project. We are a global mark certified work place health and safety organisation. Your solar system will be installed with utmost professionalism to ensure it performs and operates at peak performance.

On Budget

No Variations

Ready To See How Energus Can Help Your Business?

Book a discovery session to explore solar for your business or if you're ready now, get a free quote for your business.

From the head office sales people to their on-site installers they were utterly professional, courteous and most helpful... the contractors were excellent, did a quality job...unbelievable work ethic. I have no hesitation in recommending Energus

Energus were always attentive to my needs and offered the best value for money of any of the providers they were competing with. 5 star company. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. A+++



Track Performance

Track your solar energy usage in real time with the solar analytics tracking app. Upload your typical off grid energy cost to the app and we will show you how much your saving based on the real time performance of your solar system. Now that's real energy tracking.



Will my energy be interrupted if there's no current solar energy coming through?

Your energy will never be interrupted. If you ever run out of solar energy, any further energy consumption would then come from the grid, you won't notice any difference. If you're using a battery in your solar system, it can house more solar energy.

Should I use batteries in the solar system for my business?

Using a battery depends on your personal preferences. Our payback period without a battery is on average 2.5 years and with a battery 8 years. Batteries have an upfront cost, but they can enable your business to achieve net zero, operate on 100% solar.

We have certain requirements for our solar installation, can we incorporate these?

Unlike some solar installers, Energus has an inhouse team of engineers and project managers to help deliver your solar project on time, on budget, safely and with no variations. Our leading innovative eArc solar technology allows us to cater to more roof surfaces, and offer a more durable product. Energus has international experience. No project is too large or too challenging. 

Empower your business.

Ready to go solar?

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