The Project


Treotham Automation is a leading supplier of quality electrical & mechanical components used in the industrial automation sector. Like most businesses, Treotham has had to deal with energy price rises of over 40% and a peak rate tariff at $0.43/kWh. By installing solar, Treotham can make its own day time electricity at $0.09/kWh – a saving of up to 80% – and fix a portion of its day time electricity use for the next 25 years.


By using clean energy, Energus has helped Treotham reduce their reliance on coal-fired electricity whilst reducing their overall electricity costs and increasing the security of their energy supply.

As an engineering based company, we select only premium products, with a history of reliability and high performance, sourced from leading manufacturers. Our experienced engineers design the systems to produce optimum output.

Treotham has benefitted by having reduced energy costs, peace of mind from a reliable and robust system and the on-going support of Energus.

This system was eligible for the STC rebate (government funding), reducing the upfront payment by over 40%!


Analysing the Treotham’s interval data provided by AGL (1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015), Energus estimated that the site would spend around $10,000 + GST per annum on electricity.

By switching on solar power, Treotham can:

  • Save ~$3,907 per annum
  • Enjoy a ~39% reduction in their annual electricity bill
  • Deliver a Return on Investment year 1 (ROI) of 26.1%
  • Payback of just 3.9 years

13.52 kW Solar System


Brookvale, NSW

System Capacity


Solar Panel

260W X 52



Energy Saved

18,250 kWh per annum

Business Case

Solar Generated @ $0.09/kWh

The work which Energus did for us was excellent. We particularly liked their caring and professional service and also the quality of their products.