Solar Monitoring

Track your solar system's performance. Monitor energy usage and track how much your system is saving you in dollar values.

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Energy usage tracking

Our solar analytics tracking software will enable your business to track its energy usage over time and via a live monitor which shows how much solar energy in kW is being consumed on site. You can filter energy usage by week, month and year. Solar tracking and savings tracking allows you to precisely monitor and calculate your return on investment with solar energy.

Savings and earnings tracking

Breakdown precisely how much your solar system is saving your business in dollar values. You can find out how much you’ve saved from switching to solar and how much you’ve earned from exporting solar to the grid, by week, month and year. 

System performing as expected

Solar tracking allows you to monitor the performance of your solar system to make sure it is performing as expected. If there are any maintenance issues, it will be shown in the tracking and the Energus team will automatically be notified and will resolve the alert. 


Solar monitoring will actively show your return on investment. We've done it for hundreds of businesses in Australia.