The Project

Coonamble Feedlot


The Coonamble feedlot is located in the central-west of NSW. Spiralling electricity costs were becoming a problem at the feedlot and a ground-mount solar system was explored as an option for reducing those costs.

Energus was chosen as a technically advanced company with the engineering and logistics capability to successfully complete the project.


Looking at the site in detail, the Energus team selected a location and a geotechnical report was carried out to ensure the stability of the mounting structure. When this was complete the supporting poles were driven and trenches dug to run cables back to a switchboard location. The final stage included panel & inverter installation, cable management and commissioning.

A 99kW system with 4 ground mount structures holding 80 Trina solar panels each was designed by the Energus team. The production curve of this 99kW system was best matched to offset the maximum amount of usage from the feedlot and deliver the maximum possible return on investment.

In year 1 alone this system is set to deliver savings of over $15,000 to the feedlot and over $500,000 over a period of 25 years. Projects like this are leading by example in rural NSW — showing that clean, safe and affordable renewable energy is a better option than outdated fossil fuel technologies.

99.84 kWp Solar System


Coonamble, NSW

System Capacity


Solar Panel

Trina 320W



Energy Saved

174,050 kWh per annum