The Project


NiftyLift is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of hydraulically elevated work platforms (EWPs). As electricity is always a major overhead for any business, offsetting this cost with solar generated power presented a great value proposition.

“The use of Solar power at the Australian Nifty site at Tomago fits in with Nifty’s drive to increase its development of greener and cleaner machines. It all ties in. A substantial number of our elevated work platforms are powered by a combination of power sources, to reduce air and/or noise pollution. We believe that wherever possible, businesses should consider adopting solar power to help reduce air pollution emissions”, said John King, Director at Nifty Pty Ltd.


Before installation, Energus was invited to provide a free energy assessment/audit to help control Nifty’s electricity costs. After reviewal of the in-depth electricity audit with Nifty, Energus was contacted to implement those recommendations.

The Energus solar system was designed, developed and installed by Energus for Nifty located in Tomago NSW. The system included Tier-1 panels partnered with ABB monitoring – revealing real time performance – to produce 10.4kW.

Since their switch to solar energy, the power output of the system is ~41kWh per day.

It makes financial sense for Nifty to switch to solar energy, not only to save financially on electricity expenses but also to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Make own day time electricity at $0.08/kWh, previously buying electricity at ~$0.34/kWh at peak usage
    • saving them 68% during daylight hours
  • Estimated saving in Year 1 is ~$2,092
  • About ~52% reduction annually in electricity bill
  • Return on Investment in (ROI) in Year 1 – 17.6%

10.4 kWp Solar System


Tomago, NSW

System Capacity


Solar Panel

260W X 40



Energy Generation (approx.)

14,965 kWh per annum

Business Case

Solar Generated @ $0.08/kWh

The Energus Team regularly communicated with us on every step of the transition phase. We were kept in the loop and underwent minimal disruption to the functioning of our business. Thanks Energus for helping Nifty work towards its goal of providing a clean, renewable energy source in its Tomago location.