The Project


Royans is the countrys largest commercial vehicle accident repair specialist with multiple facilities throughout Australia. Over the past 4 years the price of electricity has risen by over 50% for Australian businesses. As a high energy user, this was impacting Royans bottom line. Royans asked Energus to provide a detailed analysis of their electricity usage over multiple sites and engineer a solar PV solution to offset this rising cost.


Energus designed & commissioned a multi-site commercial solar project with the installation of a 348kW solar system across 5 sites and 3 states.

By helping Royans to achieve this outcome, Energus hopes Royans leadership will inspire otherto consider solarpower to grow their businesses and reduce their carbon footprint.


Energus conducted comprehensive site surveys at each of the 5 Royans depots. Using the data from the site surveys along with bill and interval data, Energus was able to provide a detailed analysis for each site, demonstrating each business case. Our engineers designed sophisticated solar PV systems, with consumption and generation monitoring, showing the Royans management team real time savings.

With over 70 years of combined experience within the solar industry, Energus has the experience to design solar systems that strike the balance between price, performance and reliability — thereby maximising the Return on Investment (ROI) of each system install


  • Average 6.5 years payback
  • Annual savings ~ $53,961 in total
  • Return on Investment (Simple ROI) average ~ 16.5 %

347.78 kWp Solar Systems


Multiple Sites (5)

System Capacity

347.78 kWp

Solar Panel

JA Solar



Energy Saved

515,870kWh per annum